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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Torn (Torn, #1) by Erica O'Rourke

Everyone has secrets. Even best friends.

Mo Fitzgerald knows about secrets. But when she witnesses her best friend’s murder, she discovers Verity was hiding things she never could have guessed. To find the answers she needs and the vengeance she craves, Mo—quiet, ordinary, unmagical Mo—will have to enter a world of raw magic and shifting alliances. And she’ll have to choose between two very different, equally dangerous guys—protective, duty-bound Colin and brash, mysterious Luc. One wants to save her, one wants to claim her. Which would you choose?


Torn is the twentieth book I've read this year (start-to-finish) so far, and definitely one of the best. The plot is very unique, and I couldn't guess the ins-and-outs of the dark, magical world in which the book takes place, like you usually can in most YA paranormal novels, especially those of the vampire-werewolf variety.

The introduction was a little slow for me--it took the first few chapters for me to really get pulled in--but after I got into it, I couldn't put it down. Torn was full of endless plot twists and turns, and I could never guess what was going to happen.

And, of course, a big, fat A+ for characters. Mo was a generally likeable character, and even though I didn't exactly agree with every choice she made, she is my favorite female main character so far this year. And the problem of two love interests created quite the drama. Luc and Colin. While I am definitely Team Colin, there was some serious apeal in the dramatic mystery of Luc, and there was a ton of tension.

Torn hits the shelves this summer (July, 2011) from Kensington Publishing Corp--keep an eye out for it!

Grade: A+


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