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Welcome to Simply Nerdy Book Reviews!

I hope that it's safe to assume that, considering you went to this page, you are either more curious about the blog, policies, or you're curious about me. If that's the case, yes, you're in the right place.

Click here to view the current review policy. An explanation for my rating system can be found here.

About the blog:

Simply Nerdy Book Reviews was founded January 2009, as a sort of spur-of-the-moment New Years Day thing called TruNerd, that was less review/interview oriented, and more review/about me oriented. Eventually, TruNerd made way for Simply Nerdy Book Reviews. Now, Simply Nerdy Book Reviews mainly features Young Adult fiction book reviews from the view of a fifteen year old--me--with the occasional author interview and frequent updates on what's going on in the realm of YA fiction, such as new book releases and new debuting authors. If you're looking for more strict, analytical stuff, I'd look somewhere else. For me, this is more about telling you what I thought about the book, and why; I'd rather be reading books and recommending great ones to you than I'd like to write three-paged long reviews. 

For comments, questions, and recommendations, please email me at

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Anonymous said...

I think this blog is great, it really helps me decide on what to read.


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