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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Reviewed by Sarah a.k.a "Dyslexicreader" for Simply Nerdy Book Reviews--

Shiver is, as Grace describes Sam’s eyes many times throughout the novel, “Beautiful and sad”. This story is very poetic with lots of wonderful imagery. Maggie Steifvater created her characters to be so relatable you really start to feel for their love. Is it weird that I want to be a wolf after reading her take of werewolves? Anyways the plot was awesome, if a little predictable at some points. It like a lot of other YA books, but it definitely has its own spin. This story allows you watch two teenagers finally evolve their love after 6 years of them longing after one another. However, like always there is something standing between them (not really a surprise). I did love the POV change between Grace and Sam, it showed all sides of the story and it doesn’t leave you hungry for the thoughts of the other main character.

Grace was a brilliant main character; I loved her independence, seeing her have to take care of herself was refreshing. (I have a lot of friends who are practically raising themselves too). Grace is one fearless chick though, she doesn’t run with the wolves but she probably could. Imagine walking out into your freezing back yard with a hunk of raw meat to ATTRACT a hungry wolf to you so you can PET IT! You know what? Come to think of it… I think she may have hit her head when she was dragged off her swing by wolves when she was a child…. Her sense of humor and bravery where great, but sometimes I prefer sarcasm and some kick ass attitude.

For Sam I can honestly say, “Drool-worthy”. Sure he is not model-perfect or god-like, but seriously who cares when he can sing?! And read poetry, and protect you in he woods, and isn’t as unmannered as to jump in your pants the first chance he gets (yes ladies, he’s the ultimate gentle man)… shall I go on? But in all seriousness, he is a very deep and poetic character. I would jump at the chance to be his friend or just part of his pack. Sam’s yellow eyes are a very unique touch but I think I prefer electric green on my shifters. All in all, he’s a different type wolf would than what I’ve seen so far. Props to Maggie for that! Her wolves are so awesome I want to beg her to become one to. Ahh . . . the simple beauty of life as a wolf.

This book, in total was a very enjoyable read, the type of book you want to read on a wonderfully rainy day so you can just soak the story in. It has a tiny bit of a slow read feeling to it, but that complemented the poetic writing and the budding relationship between Grace and Sam. A hauntingly beautiful story that sends “shivers” up your spine. I give this novel an “A-”


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Anonymous said...

I loved this too! Great review :)


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