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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Wedding Cake Girl by Anne Pfeffer

Seventeen year old Alexandra is an expert diver and a big dreamer--oh, and a cake-maker on the side. She hopes to study oceanography and leave her birthplace, a small island called Santa Rita. But her mother won't allow it; she's needy and dependent and can't run the cake shop on her own. Throw some cute boys in the mix, and you have Pfeffer's The Wedding Cake Girl.

I was pretty disappointed by this one, especially after loving Pfeffer's other novel, Loving Emily. The writing was mediocre, the characters were lackluster, and the plot was slow. Around halfway through it began to pick up speed, but never enough to really take off.

The best part is probably the scenery; the small island of Santa Rita is really based off of Catalina Island, and is described relatively well. The concept of scuba diving is appealing, and Alex's adventures are admirable. The boys are decent, but the romance is underwhelming.

Overall, not one to look out for. If you're a huge fan of Pfeffer's, maybe you'll enjoy it, but I don't reccomend it.

Grade: C


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I enjoyed the simplicity of the story. It allowed an escape into a easy, fun-filled environment full of characters I could relate to.
This is a book I would let my 12 year old daughter read and have already recommended it to her.


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