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Friday, August 26, 2011

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

Angry about her parent’s divorce and her mother’s role in it, Mclean moves in with her father. This means a life on the move because of her dad’s new job; four towns in two years.

And while Mclean’s dad is busy fixing restaurants, Mclean is busy inventing new personas for herself. Whether she is a drama queen or a preppy cheerleader, Mclean isn't Mclean anymore, and she is still angry at her mom. But now, in Lakeview, Mclean discovers a desire to stay in one place, and leave Lizbet, Eliza, and Beth in the past.

But how can she be herself if she doesn’t even remember who the real Mclean is anymore?

Every reader of YA fiction has come across at least one of Dessen's novels; if you've come across more than one, you begin to notice certain things. For one, they're all very realistic; every teen and every adult can relate to the issues and themes dealt with in these books. What Happened to Goodbye is no different. It's a great addition to Dessen's collections, and one of my new favorites.

Character development is superb, and the plotline is great. Everybody can easily relate to wanting to make yourself into someone totally different; change your clothes, your styles, your interests, everything. Even your name. The reality of why Mclean was so desperate to do this is upsetting, but understandable. Most teens today have divorced parents in the US; I'm one of them. It's easy to understand how she felt. And as for romance--there is NO shortage of that in this one.

What Happened to Goodbye takes Dessen’s usual path through the hardships of family, first loves, and friendship in a new way. You'll love it!

Grade: A+


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