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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hunger by Michael Grant

It's been three months since everyone over the age of fifteen vanished, and things aren’t doing well. Food is sparse, and more and more mutated animals are appearing every day as more kids start to develop powers. Problems are arising between the moofs and the regular kids, and Sam's having to deal with a few new problems of his own in this second installment of the Gone trilogy.

Now, to be honest, it’s really depressing and horrifying. Gone was similar—but on a modest degree. Hunger goes way up and beyond. I think a big reason for that is that Gone was just setting things up, while Hunger is getting more into the action and suspense. Something I really love is that the book didn’t start slow—it began three months into the FAYZ. That means three months of hundreds of kids trying to survive without any adults, and barely any food. Things started to get messy. Very messy. Kids were eating pets for meat, and were prepared to kill one another for food. It’s pretty a pretty gruesome book, i'm not going to lie, but worth it in its uniqueness.

The book is one that you will tear through--if you can make it through the entire first book, which, at times, is no easy task. I'd recommend it to fans of Unwind by Neil Shusterman and Wings by Aprilynne Pike--and to those of you who don't mind taking the time to push yourself through a series of books (the Gone series are now a series of three; dont forget to check out Lies, the third installment), because you know it's worth it in the end.

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