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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Above: Jamie Campbell-Bower
Okay . . . i seriously dislike this kid! I mean, HOW old is he??? Fifteen at the most???? AHHHH! I 'm really mad at New Moon's Casting director. And Chris, if he's responsible. I mean, honestly, this kid was such a horrible choice! I mean, sure, i guess he could be a vampire--with like the angelic face and all--but REALLY? i mean, this is unbelievable. Tell me what you think?
Oh yeah :) This kid's playing Caius! Isnt that just FANTASTIC?



Ashley said...

He looks five! Lame.

simply nerdy book reviews said...

I know, right???? HORRIBLE choice!


Ashley said...

I just looked him up, because I knew he looked familiar. He was in Sweeney Todd. And he's 20. Sure doesn't look like it.

simply nerdy book reviews said...

WHAT??? he's TWENTY???? Holy shiz-nit! Thanks Ashley!

And he was in Sweeney?? Seriously??



Kira324 said...

This guy does not look his age at all!!! hes suppose to be one of the volterra!? Arent they like aincent too? they need to pick a new person!!!

simply nerdy book reviews said...

Kira: I know, right????? And he ESPECIALLY is not a good Caius!


Amy said...

oh goodness no. : this guy, no offense to him, is all wrong for the part. he looks too innocent to really be scarey.
and yes, concerts are not my type of fun either. my brother is trying to get me to go to a ska concert, which is not gonna happen lol:) I can think of several things i'd like to do other than get my eardrums blown out.

Anonymous said...

He's 20 I believe. :/

I think he's a great fit and he's a pretty good actor. Soo, I think he'll do pretty well. =D Although I get what you mean. A lot of people imagined his character a lot older.


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