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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kristen Stewart is Set for 'New Moon' and Discusses Her Thoughts on Chris Weitz

Kristen Stewart's Opinion On New 'New Moon' Director:

Kristen discusses her thoughts on the new director; i was really worried about losing Cat Hardwike as the director, but now im pretty sure Chris will do a great job--but now there's the problem of Eclipse's director!

Watch below to hear more about this problem:

Kristen Stewart Is Set For 'New Moon':

Kristen says all the prep work is complete and reveals she is glad she doesn't have to make the decision of who will direct "Eclipse." Juan Antonio has been said to be looking into directing "Eclipse." I think his movie The Orphanage was pretty well done, but Juan is definately not fit for Vampires--at least not in my opinion.

I feel so bad for the guy who is sitting next to Kristen in both of these:(



Laina said...

Awww, I can't watch them :(

simply nerdy book reviews said...

Really???? I can! I'll try it on another computer and see if it still works!


Laina said...

Well, unless the other computer is in Canada, it's not going to make a difference :P They don't play outside of the US.


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