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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kisses and Lies by Lauren Henderson

After discovering that someone saw what looked like Dan’s emergency EpiPen in A-lister Plum’s designer handbag, Scarlett and her tough American sidekick, Taylor, sneak into a posh London nightclub, where Plum has a private table. Scarlett is stunned to discover a piece of evidence that might implicate another girl in Plum’s exclusive circle, Lucy Raleigh. Which means Scarlett must cast a wider net in order to catch the right suspect. Back at school, groundskeeper Jase is hoping to take Scarlett’s mind off her troubles with some heart-stopping kisses. Scarlett can’t help but feel guilty for indulging in romantic rendezvous when she should be hunting down Dan’s killer. However, once Scarlett finds out how Lucy is connected to Dan, she knows she must drop everything and travel to the McAndrew estate in Scotland to hunt for more clues. But when she arrives, Scarlett becomes the target of a dangerous hunt herself.

What i thought: Wow. I just finished this book, and that is the word that keeps on running through my mind. In this fantastic sequel to Kiss Me Kill Me, Henderson succeeds in creating a fantastic novel, one that cannot go unread. Kisses and Lies was much more fast-paced than Kiss Me Kill Me, and much longer. I feel they were both very well written, but, as unusual as this may seem, i thoroughly enjoyed the sequel rather than the one preceding it. Overall, the storyline was just much more gripping/exciting, and just flowed very well. I think that the suspense sort of built up, and in this one it just explodes--its fantastically overwhelming.

The solution to the mystery you unsuccesfully will try to solve is so shocking that i simply stared at the page, my eyes partially glazing over, in horror. The truth was so unbelievable. . . . Henderson certaintly knows how to write a story

My advice is this: if you have read Kiss Me Kill Me but had doubts because of the 1/4 of slowness previously mentioned. . . go buy this book. It will literally have you gasping. If you have not yet read KMKM, give it a try. You will love this modern British murder mystery just as much as i did.


Bookworm said...

I really need to read the first because I got this one in the mail and it looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Yes! I thought this was much better than the first, it was so slow in the beginning though. I just hope the third is WAY better. I'm super curious about what will happen between Scarlett and Jase oh and that new student hehe


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