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Saturday, January 3, 2009

List of Upcoming Teen Releases in January and February!

Sadly, once again, i could not find the dates in anyplace other than the United States! : ( Here's the link to Borders, where they have this list posted. Maybe your smarter with computers than i am. . . cuz i'm just a book nerd. not tech nerd.


  • The Secret Circle: The Captive Part II and The Power by L.J. Smith--January 1st, 2009 (yeah, i know, it already came out!)
  • Boy Toy by Barky Lyga--January 5th, 2009
  • Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine -- January 6th, 2009
  • Shelter Me by Alex McAuley -- dito
  • Ransom my Heart (a novel by Mia Thermopolis) by Meg Cabot-- Jan 6th, 2009
  • Princess Diaries X: Forever by Meg Cabot--ditto
  • A Wreath for Emmett Till by Marylin Nelson -- January 12th, 2009
  • Kiss me Kill me by Lauren Henderson--January 13th, 2009
  • The ABC's of Kissing Boys by Tina Ferraro -- Jan 19th, 2009
  • Perfect Match by J. Minter--January 20th, 2009
  • Ninth Grader Slays: The chronicles of Vladimir by Heather Brewer--January 22nd, 2009
  • Seraph of Sorrow by MaryJanice Davidson--January 27th, 2009


  • The dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King--February 1st, 2009
  • Where ever Lina Lies by Lynn Weingarten--ditto
  • This is what i Did by Ann Dee Ellis-- ditto
  • Envy: a Luxe novel by Ana Goberson--February 1st, 2009
  • Rumors: A Luxe Novel by Anna Goberson--ditto
  • The Twilight Saga: the official guide by Stephenie Meyer--February 1st, 2009
  • Family Affairs by Jen Colanita --February 1st, 2009
  • Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee -- Feb 1st 2008
  • The Spring of Candy Apples by Debbie Viguie--February 1st, 2009
  • The Seventh Daughter by Frewin Jones -- ditto
  • Inchworm by Ann Kelley -- ditto
  • One day in Horror Land -- Feb 2nd, 2009
  • The One and Only -- ditto
  • My Friends call me Monster -- ditto
  • Who's your Mummy? -- once again, DITTO
  • Amy Green Teen Agony Queen: Boy Trouble--once AGAIN, Feb 2nd, 2009
(yeah, i know; some of them dont have authors. I couldnt find them. it just had the title of the book)
  • Miss Match by Wendy Toliver -- Feb 10th, 2009
  • Vampire Diaries: Nightfall by L.J. Smith--ditto

You know what i think? I think that this list is getting REALLY LONG. So, i am going to STOP at February 10th and write MORE later. Oh, yeah. The ones in different colors are the books that i FOR SURE am planning on reading. Like NDBT.

So, that said, i am going to go have my spicy buffalo wings (the meatless kind. BTW, they are GOOD).

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